About Us

Our mission is to promote the maintenance and preservation of the historic trail structure in the North Fork Flathead area with the aim of supporting recreation, forest management and research.

For those of you who don’t live and work in the vicinity of Glacier National Park, “North Fork” refers to the North Fork of the Flathead River, an isolated, off-grid area along the west edge of Glacier Park. The area east of the North Fork Flathead River is within Glacier Park. The area to the west is mostly U.S. Forest Service property, the Glacier View District of the Flathead National Forest. Embedded in all this Forest Service acreage is a thin scattering of private land supporting a handful of full-timers and a somewhat larger number of summer residents.

There is an extensive trail system in the North Fork, especially west of the river, but reductions in federal funding have allowed it to become dilapidated over the last two or three decades. The North Fork Trails Association formed with the goal of reversing this process.