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Hay Creek Road closure

Hay Creek Road slump, April 2017

Hay Creek Road slump, April 2017

UPDATE: The road was reopened on May 26, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend.

According to the Flathead National Forest’s Facebook page, The Hay Creek Road is closed due to a slump a short distance from its junction with the North Fork Road. Depending on when repairs are made, his could be a real problem for our spring activities in the Hay Creek drainage.

A road slump up Hay Creek Road #376 has caused closure until the road dries out and repairs can be made. Please be cautious when driving on roads that are saturated with water due to snow melt and run off. If you find damage to roads when you’re out and about, please let us know so we can evaluate conditions and make necessary repairs when conditions improve.

It’s tick season, take precautions

Deer Tick, Adult Female - UMaine Cooperative Extension-Griffin Dill

Deer Tick, Adult Female – UMaine Cooperative Extension-Griffin Dill

They’re baaack!

This an update of an article posted almost exactly a year ago…

Speaking from personal experience, tick season did its usual early April arrival on the North Fork and the nasty little critters will likely stay active into September. Ticks prefer moist, brushy areas, but even seemingly dry, more open areas like the trail to Glacier View peak have their share of ticks right now.

Actually, Glacier View has more than its share of ticks. The lower reaches are absolutely infested with the little bloodsuckers right now.

So, precautions are in order. The basics are long sleeves, long pants, a hat and vigilance. Light colored clothing makes ticks easier to spot.

Pre-treating hiking togs with a permethrin based spray will actually kill ticks that get on your clothing. The treatment lasts through several wash cycles.

Insect repellent will keep flies and mosquitoes away, but won’t discourage ticks from hitching a ride. They’ll simply walk across repellent-treated areas in search of a tastier spot to dig in.

And, of course, check yourself and your gear thoroughly when you get home.

For more information, here are a couple of useful articles:

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